PHP & Javascript & ASP: Format ATOM Date

I'm surprised this isn't built in.. I had the hardest time finding how to convert ATOM time (found in many RSS feeds) to something human-readable. The cleanest solution I have found thus far is this:

That outputs "04.22.06" but you can use any of the formats available from php date().

Here is basically the same routine, but this time in Javascript var atomdate = items[n].getElementsByTagName('published').item(0); var itemPubDateDay = atomdate.substr(0, 10); var itemPubDateTime = atomdate.substr(11, 8 ); print itemPubDateDay;

And this time in ASP <% atomdate = "2006-04-22T10:00:00.000Z" dateandtime = mid(atomdate, 1, 10) & " " & mid(atomdate, 12, 8 ) response.write formatdatetime(dateandtime) %>