Month: July 2006

VBSCRIPT: Add New Domain's Admins to Local Administrators Programmatically

In order for Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) to install its Agent on a newly migrated computer, the user running the ADMT tool must have local Administrator access. Otherwise, the error log shows something similar to the following: WRN1:7290 Processor

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VBScript: Sort Array

Found this code and wanted to bookmark it… from’s Forums Function fSortArray(aSortThisArray) Set oArrayList = CreateObject(“System.Collections.ArrayList” ) For iElement = 0 To UBound(aSortThisArray) oArrayList.Add aSortThisArray(iElement) Next oArrayList.Sort set fSortArray = oArrayList Set oArrayList = Nothing End Function

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AD: Change Default Login Domain after Migration

When adding a trusted domain or migrating computers to a new domain, the login prompt often defaults to the old domain or the name of the workstation. This can cause confusion for users who are often confused about computers by

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MACBOOK: Unexpected Shutdowns

Dang, Gina! My black Macbook has been a pain this past week. I’m having unexpected shutdowns galore. Called Apple about 5 times and they offered to replace it as it is a DOA. I’ve read around the Internet that others

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VBScript: Traverse Directories & Subdirectories Snippet

This snippet has come in handy quite a few times for me… Call ListFolderContents(“C:\Windows\System32\Drivers”) Sub ListFolderContents(path) set fs = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) set folder = fs.GetFolder(path) Msgbox folder.path For each item in folder.SubFolders ListFolderContents(item.Path) Next set folder = Nothing set fs =

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ADMT: Auto-Expired Password Clean-Up

I’m using Microsoft’s Active Directory Migration Tool to migrate users from an NT 4.0 Domain to a Win2k3 Domain. The process seems mostly flawless so far except that the password settings (not the password itself) are lost after migrating the

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IIS: Instantly Ban IPs Attempting to Login to MS-FTP as Administrator

UPDATE 12/18/06: The startup script has been modified slightly (cscript.exe was changed to wscript.exe). Now, console users will no longer encounter a blank black box upon login. UPDATE 11/21/06: Now that banning at the IP level has been added to

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