HOW-TO: Install XP Powertoys on Windows Server 2003

For years I’ve used Windows Server 2003 and for years, I’ve been missing some of my favorite features from Windows Powertoys. The Image Resizer Powertoy is definitely one that came in really handy when I used XP. Unfortunately, anytime I tried to run it under 2k3, I would receive the message

The powertoys require Windows XP or a service pack. They will not function on a version of WIndows ealrier or later than Windows XP

Recently, when trying to extract MacBook drivers, I learned about InstallShield’s “/V /a” switch and I decided to try it on ImageResizerPowertoySetup.exe. I downloaded the file from the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP webpage and saved it to my D: drive. I then ran D:\ImageResizerPowertoySetup.exe /V /a and extracted the contents to D:\temp. I saw that a folder called “system32” was created. I then moved the file phototoys.dll to C:\windows\system32 then went to Start -> Run -> regsvr32 phototoys.dll. Voila! “Resize Pictures” appeared in my right-click menu.

I assume that this technique will work for all or most other XP PowerToys.

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