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Deploying Maintenance Plans with PowerShell or ASP.NET

I feel that my job as a DBA is very dynamic and usually keeps me busy with new things… except for deploying maintenance plans. ¬†I hate making maintenance plans. ¬†Luckily, I at least have a template that I can use

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Modifying Data in an Oracle Database Using ASP.NET and ODP.NET

In all my years of web programming, I’ve never used an Oracle database… until now. I was recently tasked with converting an Access database form into a web application using ASP.NET. The twist is that the data in the Access

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Migrating SQL Server?

dbatools is an awesome PowerShell module that helps you migrate entire instances with a single command.

Available from and github

SqlServer Needs You

SqlServer now has a dedicated engineer and Microsoft is asking for our input!

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