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Sample Large CSVs Freely Available on

I always forget where to look when searching for various CSV formats to help with my scripting QA. Recently, I stumbled upon again and it’s like, the best govrnment website I’ve ever seen. It’s not only gorgeous, but it’s

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Easily Remove Black Bars on Side of iMovie Videos for Free using Handbrake for Mac or Windows

I had the hardest time finding this information. I’m currently making a whole bunch of Animated Gifs to demonstrate the functionality of some of my SQL Server/PowerShell scripts (using a combination of Camtasia and iMovie. I’m trying to keep the

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Welcome, Brandon!

This blog has been modified to accommodate postings by my right hand tech companion of over 13 years, Brandon Abshire. Brandon has always been a part of NetNerds but only recently has decided to become more visible. Brandon has been

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Free Fundamental CDs for IT Pros and Developers

I found a link to this site on Facebook’s SQL Server Magazine fanpage. Free Fundamental CDs for IT Pros and Developers While you can order the CDs, I just went ahead and downloaded the zip files. The SQL Server CD

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WPtouch: WordPress on iPhone, iPod & Android

I don’t usually make a habit of posting about my favorite WordPress plugins but this WPtouch is worth the mention. I was looking to make my blog more iPhone friendly, without making any adjustments to my normal theme and WPtouch

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WordPress Plugin Rerelease: Quick Code -> Dirty Code

Thanks to everyone who has written to me about the name conflict between my WordPress plugin, Quick Code, and David Gwyer’s plugin, Quick Code. I created the Quick Code plugin three and a half years ago so I’m not sure

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April Fools Joke 04: I Just Can't Even Top This

It’s been 5 years, since I pulled this very geeky and very successful April Fools prank on my then girlfriend and it still makes me laugh. If you haven’t read about the HOSTS prank yet, click on the picture above

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A Case of the Haves: Should I Get My Degree and/or Microsoft Certification?

OK, I realize this is my fifth blog post in two days after a seven month blog posting deficit. Is it obvious I’m procrastinating? Well, I am, but writing blog entries is way easier than studying. Apparently, my brain is

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Migrating SQL Server?

dbatools is an awesome PowerShell module that helps you migrate entire instances with a single command.

Available from and github

SqlServer Needs You

SqlServer now has a dedicated engineer and Microsoft is asking for our input!

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