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Immediately Output Runspace Results to the Pipeline

In my previous post, I presented the template I use anytime I need to add multithreading to my scripts. Recently, I had a request to add multi-threading to Read-DbaBackupHeader. This was the first runspace in which I had to output

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Runspaces Simplified

Last year, I was looking into multi-threading in PowerShell and, with the help of Dr. Tobias Weltner, Boe Prox and Martin Pugh ultimately decided on runspaces. Then, I presented at about using runspaces to speed up SQL Server/CSV imports.

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Contributing to dbatools & dbareports using GitHub Desktop

Repost from Recently, I presented to the Philadelphia PowerShell User Group about Contributing to Open Source PowerShell projects using GitHub Desktop. I chose this topic because a number of people have asked for step-by-step instructions on how to work

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Guest blogger Cláudio Silva: Why Expand-SqlTLogResponsibly?

Hey yall! I invited one of the most active dbatools developers, Cláudio Silva, to do a guest post about his motivation for joining the team and why he built this particular command. So without further ado… here’s Cláudio :D Hi

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New PowerShell Commands from the SQL Server Team!

Have you seen the SQL Server Tools team’s post about the PowerShell module for SQL Server? There are TWENTY FIVE new cmdlets! TWENTY FIVE! That’s a 53% increase over the previous 46 cmdlets. It looks like the SQL Server community

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The PowerShell Module Formerly Known as SQLPS

I am still so floored by the additions and enhancements made to the module formerly known as SQLPS, now known as SqlServer. Not only do the new additions bring the total number of cmdlets from 46 to 71, but they

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It’s 2016, so why are you still using sp_help_revlogin?

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday, hosted by Michael Swart (blog | twitter), is all about SQL Server 2016. sp_help_revlogin is now old enough to drive a car By now in your career, you may have needed to migrate a few databases

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Keeping up with SQL Server Connect Items Marked Closed as Fixed

Earlier this week, I was trying to determine people’s feelings about Microsoft Connect by looking through Twitter. A few scrolls down, and I came upon this @Ms_Alaina My problem is I sometimes stumble upon a Connect item I filed in

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