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PowerShell: Create Human-readable Shortcuts to IIS Log File Directories

About 8 years ago, I wrote a blog post that provided a VBScript to create easy-to-read shortcuts to IIS Log directories. W3SVC56 just wasn’t helpful enough to identify which website logs to which directory. Today, I ported that same script

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Import Large CSVs into SQL Server Using PowerShell

A buddy of mine was running into issues importing a 1 GB CSV of Longitudes and Latitudes available from The CSV contains over 9 million rows, and no matter what he did, DTS/SSIS would not import the data because

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PowerShell: Per-user VMware Thinapp Registration Login Script

I’m not super familiar with ThinApping, but converted portions of this VMware login script at the request of a consultant. I tried to automate the script a bit more than the one from VMware’s blog. Their script required that you

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[Solved]: New-WebServiceProxy / GetListItems Excessive Lookup Issue

Recently, while trying to use New-WebServiceProxy to automate some SharePoint form entries, I ran into a lookup issue. First, I got this rather generic error: Exception calling “GetListItems” with “7″ argument(s): “Exception of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ was thrown.” . So I

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PowerShell v3: Get Volume Information for Clustered SQL Server Storage

Unfortunately, there are no native PowerShell Failover Cluster cmdlets which will give you the volume information for disks in a cluster. I’ve seen some bloggers use Get-ClusterSharedVolume but a Cluster Shared Volume or CSV is different from volumes used within

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PowerShell & SharePoint: Using New-WebServiceProxy to Post New Completed Tasks Automatically

Recently, I was asked to help automate a friend’s super boring daily duty of logging repetitive activities to a SharePoint Task list. Even though I’m no longer regularly working with SharePoint (yay!), I accepted the challenge. Below is the script

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Use PowerShell v3 to Keep a CookieJar and POST to a Web Form That Prohibits XSS

In my previous post, I outlined how to use PowerShell v2 to keep a CookieJar and POST to a Web Form that Prohibits XSS. The code was 35 lines long. Upon seeing my post, Lee Holmes suggested using PowerShell v3′s

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Use PowerShell to Keep a CookieJar and POST to a Web Form That Prohibits XSS

I recently had a project that required I log into a site and submit a form. Initially, I had a Start-Process that launched iexplore but then I decided it would be best to.. My initial attempts to automate this process

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Summary Post: Update VMware vSphere SSL Certs

After speaking with a colleague today, I expect this list will grow as I work more with the vSphere suite. But until then, here is a consolidated list of posts and scripts that I’ve written to ease the replacement of

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Update VMware Horizon View SSL Certs with your own Windows Domain CA Certificates using PowerShell

Well, this script was different. Unlike the other posts in this series, I was required to use only Microsoft command line tools instead of OpenSSL. Not that I’m opposed to using certreq and certutil — I actually started this whole

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