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Import Large CSVs into SQL Server Using PowerShell

A buddy of mine was running into issues importing a 1 GB CSV of Longitudes and Latitudes available from The CSV contains over 9 million rows, and no matter what he did, DTS/SSIS would not import the data because

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[SOLVED] Degraded Performance on HP DL580 G7 on BIOS v. 7/01/2013

After a December 2013 patching downtime, I noticed an abrupt decrease of almost 50% in the performance of 2 SQL Servers.  Both servers were running on HP DL580 G7s.  After many hours of testing and data collection, we finally updated

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SQL Troubleshooting: Searching the Plan Cache for Missing Indexes and Execution Statistics

I’ve always found basic administration of SQL Server to be fairly straight-forward, but for a long while, I felt very uneasy about troubleshooting SQL Server performance issues.  Any DBA knows that the most productive periods of learning arise when there

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SQL Server System Processes Blocking User Processes when Auto Update Stats Async is Enabled.

Recently, we decided to buy a few licenses of Confio Ignite (Now SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor) to monitor some of our high-profile SQL Servers.  I’m definitely not posting a sales pitch, but for me, it’s provided insight into SQL Server

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Use Windows Authentication to Connect to SQL Server in OpenSuSE 12.3 x64

One of the things I love most about SuSE is how well it integrates with Active Directory. Joining a domain is easy when using yast. First I ensured that the Linux server’s DNS server is pointed to my DC, then

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Running Lync 2010 with a SQL Server 2012 Backend

Recently I was tasked with migrating all SQL 2008 R1 and prior databases to SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012.  One of my qualifying applications was Lync 2010.  We were under the impression that SQL 2012 would be fine for

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PowerShell v3: Get Volume Information for Clustered SQL Server Storage

Unfortunately, there are no native PowerShell Failover Cluster cmdlets which will give you the volume information for disks in a cluster. I’ve seen some bloggers use Get-ClusterSharedVolume but a Cluster Shared Volume or CSV is different from volumes used within

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PowerShell Get-WinEvent Bug Workaround on Windows 2008 R2 Server — Importing Windows Forwarded Events into SQL Server using PowerShell

This is sort of a continuation of my earlier post, Importing Windows Forwarded Events into SQL Server using PowerShell, where I mentioned that I was unable to get the script to work on Windows 2008 R2 due to a known

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Quick and Dirty: Backup SQL Server Express Instances on Enterprise Networks

I know the ideal Enterprise network won’t have any SQL Server Express instances, but every large network that I’ve ever worked on has at least a few. Many times, it’s powering apps like SolarWinds or BackupExec. Since SQL Express doesn’t

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Safely Enable SQL Server Agent MultiServer Administration using PowerShell

Update: You can’t even independently schedule slave jobs. Count my organization as yet another that won’t be implementing MultiServer Administration. Grrr. I always forget about Multiserver Administration. I’ve actually never worked in an environment that uses it, even though it

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