I recently loaded up one of my servers and out of nowhere, I ran into this error:

Server Configuration Error
The server has encountered a configuration error attempting to process your request. The configuration parameter MD_CUSTOM_ERROR (6008) has an invalid value. Please contact the server administrator for assistance.

I searched the web but couldn’t find anything useful. I then started exploring the website’s configuration under IIS Properties and I received a similar error when loading up the tab “Custom Errors.” I saw a malformed error (401;3 was pointing to C:\windows\help for some reason), set it to default and the site worked again.

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One comment on “IIS: MD_CUSTOM_ERROR (6008)
  1. syenisetti says:

    We received the same error when an ASP page was executed. Logged on to IIS and looked at the properties of the virtual directory where the asp files are referenced and checked the read check box in virtual directory tab. Then ASP page worked, unchecked the read property ASP page gave the same error. So, at this point we setup the Read property checked and saved the configuration. ASP page worked still worked at this point as expected. However, after a couple of days when the ASP page was ran the same error came up, went ahead and checked the property, it did not change. At this point we went through the exercise (uncheck and check of the Read property in IIS for the virtual directory) ASP page worked! A couple of days later same exact error, no changes to Read property.

    Not sure what could be happening! Any response will be appreciated.

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