Plundering Democracy

The US Government, as requested by the MPAA, threatend the Swedish government and forced them to break their own laws by seizing a pirating website.

It is now being reported that the Swedish Department of Justice received what amounts to orders from the U.S. Administration, who had in turn received ‘requests’ from the MPAA, to shut down Pirate Bay. Orders went straight top to bottom, from the Swedish minister of Justice, to Secretary of Justice, to Chief Prosecutor, etc, to the policemen doing the raid…

“this is even worse than I had possibly imagined. We have a situation where not foreign corporate interests, but foreign governments, pressured by their corporate interests, manage to get young people arrested for something that is not breaking Swedish law”.

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3 comments on “Plundering Democracy
  1. Derwood says:

    The Pirate Bay has been flirting with disaster for a long time now.
    However, they are back online now with a new host in a different country.

    Also, when their host was raided, the police took all servers of their hosting company, effectively killing all sites. This included well over 200 legitimate sites, some were even businesses that rely on their site for work.

    You should go onto their site and read some of the legal threats they’ve recieved over the years. Some of their responses are quite hilarious.

  2. Chrissy says:

    hah I’ve read their responses in the past. I thought they were a bit too cocky but I didn’t know what cocky was till I saw the MPAA’s press release about sinking the pirate bay. I’ll bet you that the pirate bay is now more popular than ever. All thanks to the MPAA!

  3. Derwood says:

    Yeah.. The MPAA and RIAA just don’t get it.. People that want to pirate will always find a way to do it.
    All they are doing is alienating themselves from their honest paying customers.

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