Setting Up Bluetooth in Windows Server 2003

This is a bit recycled from the last post but I'm reframing it so that Googlers can easily find the solution.

I've gotten Bluetooth to work in Windows Server 2k3. Here's are the steps:

  • Download the bt_stack_rtm.exe and extract to a temporary directory. Navigate to that directory and, within the ENU directory, copy Q323183_WXP_SP2_X86_ENU.EXE and place it in C:\. This file the XP SP2 Bluetooth Update
  • Extract the contents by doing the following: Start -> Run -> C:\Q323183_WXP_SP2_X86_ENU.EXE /x
  • Download update.inf and place it in C:\Q323183_WXP_SP2_X86_ENU\update. It basically changes the OS requirements.
  • Download two files that seem to be missing from the update. Extract them to the C:\Q323183_WXP_SP2_X86_ENU directory.
  • Change directories into C:\Q323183_WXP_SP2_X86_ENU\Update and run update.exe

The ini provided works for Win2k3 R2 (R2 comes with SP1). If it doesn't work for you, you will need to tweak the update.ini file. Double click the ini file and play with the variables NtMinorVersionToUpdate, MaxNtBuildToUpdate, MaxNtMinorVersionToUpdate, MinNtServicePackVersion, MaxNtServicePackVersion, ThisServicePackVersion. Thanks to for the heads up.

If this all works out for you, you should now see the Bluetooth in your Control Panel. It is listed under "Wireless Link."