MACBOOK: Unexpected Shutdowns

Dang, Gina! My black Macbook has been a pain this past week. I'm having unexpected shutdowns galore. Called Apple about 5 times and they offered to replace it as it is a DOA.

I've read around the Internet that others are experiencing this problem... Many have concluded that it is a faulty logic board. Here are a few of my observations

  • My Macbook moos (which drives me crazy)
  • This started happening last week; not long after I ran the Apple Update to get an updated that supposedly made Macbooks run "up to 10 degrees cooler". My Macbook gets hot, but so did my Sony Vaio. Excessive heat not a Macbook issue, as Dells run at about the same temperatures.
  • It happens in both OS X and Windows
  • It happens frequently after coming back from Stand By mode, but not exclusively.
  • Often times, the fans start spinning up high like the CPU is in overdrive but the CPU is running normally. Sometimes, the shutdown is totally unexpected with no prior fan revving.
  • Unexpected shutdowns have occured when my computer has been unplugged and plugged in to different power supplies (I've got one at work and one at home)
  • It's happened with the battery both in and out
  • Sometimes, it refuses to reboot unless I hold down the power button for 3 seconds or more. During this time, the laptop light flashes and there is a loud beep.
  • It's gotten very hot doing video conversions yet hasn't shut down. On Saturday, I did some CPU-intensive work with no problems. Three hours later when the laptop was cool, however, the laptop shut down.
  • I've reseated my ram and even switched the module positions.

I'm glad they're doing DOA though.. it will suck to reinstall everything but at least there's a possiblity I can get a Macbook that doesn't moo. *Crosses fingers* This computer has been a bit problematic but I'm still gad I got it.. It's extremely fast and looks great. I still dig it.