T-SQL: Parse Top Level Domain from URL

I keep track of all hits to my website RealCajunRecipes.com in a SQL table called hitcounter which has columns for the user’s IP, browser, referring URL and the date. Recently, I saw a surge in traffic and wanted to know which domains were sending the traffic our way. After getting tired of issuing ad-hoc queries that included WHERE clauses like “where referer like ‘%google%'”, I created a SQL Server user-defined function (UDF) to extract the domain from the referring URL.

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[parseURL] (@strURL varchar(1000))
RETURNS varchar(1000)
IF CHARINDEX(‘http://’,@strURL) > 0 OR CHARINDEX(‘https://’,@strURL) > 0
— Ghetto-tastic
SELECT @strURL = REPLACE(@strURL,’https://’,”)
SELECT @strURL = REPLACE(@strURL,’http://’,”)
SELECT @strURL = REPLACE(@strURL,’www’,”)
— Remove everything after “/” if one exists
IF CHARINDEX(‘/’,@strURL) > 0 (SELECT @strURL = LEFT(@strURL,CHARINDEX(‘/’,@strURL)-1))

— Optional: Remove subdomains but differentiate between www.google.com and www.google.com.au
IF (LEN(@strURL)-LEN(REPLACE(@strURL,’.’,”)))/LEN(‘.’)
This script does the following:
1. Checks to see if the string is an URL
    (example: str = http://www.search.google.com.au/?q=netnerds)
2. Removes http, https and www (str = search.google.com.au/?q=netnerds)
3. Removes everything after the slash (str = search.google.com.au)
4. Removes excessive subdomains (str = google.com.au)

The script isn’t perfect; I saw things like mysearch.myway.com get by but it’s good enough for general use. If you’d like to see the entire domain, just remove the 4 line chunk marked “Optional.”

To call this using SQL, modify this sample script to suite your environment:

SELECT COUNT(*) as theCount, dbo.parseURL(referer) as referer FROM hitcounter
GROUP BY dbo.parsedomain(referer)
ORDER BY thecount DESC

Your results should look something like this

11831 google.com
10542 yahoo.com
9101 msn.com
746 google.ca
624 google.co.uk

Note: NULLs aren’t parsed and thsu won’t kill this function..they’ll just show up as NULL.

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