VBScript & SQL: Programatically Find the Location of an IP Address

This is more of a post for proper keywords. My previous entry titled "Import MaxMind City CSVs into SQL Server 2005" assumes the user has already conducted research to find that MaxMind's free GeoIP database provides the functionality to look up the location of an IP address. So, if you wish to quickly and easily find an IP address' location, do the following.

1. Ensure you have SQL Server installed somewhere. If you don't currently have it installed,     you can download SQL Server 2005 Express for free. 2. Read this post about importing the necessary (and free) database for IP lookups.     a. Download zip & unzip     b. Read README.txt     c. Copy the unzip.exe to your Windows directory     d. Run the included SQL File     e. Run the included VBS file 3. Create a VBS file to access the information. 4. Double-click the VBS file and enter the IP address

strSQLServer = "localhost" strDBName = "maxmindGeoIP"

strIPaddr = InputBox("Enter the IP address:","IP To Location")

If Len(strIPaddr) = 0 Then Wscript.Quit

Set objRS = CreateObject("ADODB.recordset") strConnstring = "Driver={SQL Server};Server=" & strSQLServer & ";Database=" & strDBName & ";Trusted_Connection=Yes;" strSQL = "EXEC usp_IPtoLocation '" & strIPaddr & "'" objRS.Open strSQL, strConnstring, 1, 1

If objRS.eof And objRS.bof Then MsgBox "Something is ultra-broken. Is your database populated? " 'Everything should return at least something. Else strLocation = objRS("location") If InStr(strLocation,"Unknown") > 0 Then MsgBox "The IP address, " & strIPaddr & ", cannot be found in the database :(",64,"IP To Location" Else MsgBox strIPaddr & " resolves to.." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & objRS("location"),64,"IP To Location" End If End If

Set objRS = Nothing

Then, finding the location is as easy as double-clicking the file, entering an IP, and pressing "OK"....

Image not found

Web path: https://blog.netnerds.net/images/ip2location-1.gif

Disk path: /static/images/ip2location-1.gif

Using Page Bundles: false

In less than 1 millisecond, (after the initial stored procedure execution), your results will show up

Image not found

Web path: https://blog.netnerds.net/images/ip2location-2.gif

Disk path: /static/images/ip2location-2.gif

Using Page Bundles: false