WordPress + Current Music

I recently created a plugin called currentMusic, which is derived from the WordPress plugins Current Mood and Scrobbler. currentMusic supports something similar to LiveJournal's "Current Music" functinality. The plugin uses Last.FM to see what you were likely listening to at the time that you posted. It works well enough for me but lacks a lot of features to make it an actual releasable plugin. If you'd like to take over the project, please be my guest. It needs the following work:

- Allow Current Music entries to be deleted or edited - Make it work consistently - Store data as a delimited string in DB and then explode upon display; don't store it    pre-formatted. - Initialize properly and safely - More error handling - Fix things I did incorrectly - Standardize function names and variables - Make it themable? - Remove my info and put yours!

The source can be found here.

In similar news, my new music obsession are compilations of covers of popular songs by semi-popular bands. Some of the best compilations include Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes 90's, Punk Goes 80's, Radio 1 - Live Lounge (My fav), Guitars & Gangsters and the Pickin' On series. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are also awesome; they are a punk cover band who cover songs such as the Dixie Chick's Goodbye Earl, Madonna's Don't Cry for Me, Argentina and Seal's Crazy.All the above make for a great programming playlist :-D