Outrageous: The Copyright Royalty Board Raises Fees by 2700%

As seen on soma.fm

The Copyright Royalty Board has announced new copyright licensing fees for internet radio stations. The new fees are a staggering increase over our previous annual royalty rate of about $22,000 to over $600,000 for 2006. And the fees are even higher in 2007, based on our current listenership, they'll be over $1 million dollars for 2007! (Which is 3-4 times what we hope to raise in 2007). If you think this is unfair to internet radio, and you are an American citizen, you can send a letter to your congressman showing your support for internet radio. We already have the attention of Congress, so now you have to let them know you support internet radio and that royalty rates shouldn't be structured in a way that will put small webcasters our of business

We need to raise at least $15,000 each month to meet our current minimum operating budget. (The new royalty rates will substantially increase our costs!) With your $50 support, you'll get a SomaFM Tshirt, or at the $35 support level get our Indie Pop Rocks! compilation CD. Or get both for $75! And if that's more than you can budget right now, your support of any amount helps us!