TrueCrypt Now Supports Vista!

Just as I was heading off to bed, I decided to check the TrueCrypt website to see if they added Vista support. I've checked it a few times since March 19th, so I don't know why I didn't notice but version 4.3 now supports Vista. For a moment there, I thought Vista support was going to be vaporwear - they've been promising it since February, 2006.

I donated to the TrueCrypt Foundation back in January because it's some of the greatest software I've used in a long time. The software provides a sense of security -- knowing that my documents/pictures/music are protected in the event that my laptop were to be stolen. To me, knowing someone could be looking at my documents or pictures is an even scarier thought than even having my laptop stolen. So after installing Vista, I was really bummed when I read that the current version would not work.

If you are looking to encrypt an entire disk or portions of a disk, you just may love TrueCrypt too. It works on both Windows and Linux, it's free and it has a ton of functions. has some great suggestions on running a drive with Pstart and mobile versions of applications. has good info and quick tutorials on getting started.