5 Ways To Stop Windows Vista/XP/2003 From Beeping

This came up twice in the past week at work so I decided to post it. Here’s a few ways to disable the annoying beep in Windows. Works especially well to hush Terminal Services Beeping. I ran this on the clients but it may work for the server as well.

1. local machine: sc stop beep && sc config beep start= disabled
2. remote machine: sc \remoteMachine stop beep && sc \remoteMachine config beep start= disabled
3. requires reboot: Device Manager -> View -> Show Hidden Devices -> Non Plug and Play -> Beep -> Disable
4. requires reboot: net stop beep
5. use TweakUI: General > Settings -> Uncheck the Beep on Errors

Sources: tech-recipes, sonhaysytem.com and JSI FAQ.

Chrissy is a Cloud and Datacenter Management & Data Platform MVP who has worked in IT for over 20 years. She is the creator of the popular SQL PowerShell module dbatools, holds a master's degree in Systems Engineering and is coauthor of Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches. Chrissy is certified in SQL Server, Linux, SharePoint and network security. You can follow her on Twitter at @cl.

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22 comments on “5 Ways To Stop Windows Vista/XP/2003 From Beeping
  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks a million! I use a laptop to terminal into my Vista machine at my desk from anywhere I am on my work campus, and the beep was driving me bonkers!!!

  2. Preston says:

    sc stop beep && sc config beep start= disabled

    Did the trick thanks!

  3. nash stone says:

    I have dell dimension 520 C. For no resons it keeps beeping. so i came in search of the same. I would try these tips. I f it works would surely let u & others know about it. Thanks

  4. Sicarius says:

    sc config beep start= disabled

    worked for me. I love the silence. Thanks!

  5. Adam says:

    sc stop beep && sc config beep start= disabled

    That one worked for me!

    Thanks a bunch.

  6. Margit says:

    No 3 worked for me – thank you very much!!!!!!

  7. sharvey says:

    Thanks, worked great, no more annoying beep!!!

  8. p-hizzle says:

    net stop beep shut my pdsm4 2003 r2 server up. Thanks

  9. Bob says:

    #3 worked on my Vista laptop (HP 27xx), and it didn’t require a reboot. It was particularly annoying when using an older version of ACDSee or the latest version of Microsoft Money. Thanks!

  10. Koushik says:

    Thanks a LOT..
    I am using the headphones.
    This High Freq Noise (Beep) was driving me crazy.
    I could have lost my hearing capabilities!!!!.
    Thanks again.

  11. zolo says:

    Thanks, I was searching for this. In XP I used to use widows power toys (I guess that’s the name), and one of the first things I do after a windows installation, is disable this nonsense 98 style beep. It doesn’t work under Vista though, so your solution was handy (#1). :)

  12. F Murray Rumpelstiltskin says:

    #4 without a reboot. I would have rebooted a dozen times to stop that sound…

    Thank you for this post – I just installed some packages into Cygwin and Vista decided to play that friggin’ beeping sound when I used cat to output html files.

  13. Selvol says:

    The First command saved my ear.
    Thank you.

    Also you should mention how to run the command.
    Some people still don’t use the “run” command or just
    don’t know how.

    Start menu \ run \ Paste the code here \ Enter

    Thank you

  14. Dave Miyares says:

    Thank you! It’s now 1am and the baby is FINALLY GETTING BACK TO SLEEP after I woke him up with a bad cut & paste into MySql! Ooofff…

  15. Ric says:

    Good work, thanks mate. I was all set to do it the classic old school method (ie: cut the fecking wires to the speaker).

  16. Tiiman Kaiteie says:

    hey, what about this peep type: peeeep, peep peep? and besides, my laptop didn’t display anything but i know it booted ok cos i heard the sound of the welcome screen. no display at all… totally black. i already tried removing the RAM and turned it on, and the peep was no more but the laptop won’t display anything or booted. once i remounted the RAM and the peep comes on again. any tips or ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated, please.


  17. Vasu says:

    Thanks a lot for this tip! This beep was driving me crazy. Really crazy! First time when I put my headphone on my ears and adjusted the volume, i was so startled and the fricking beep almost made me deaf. I was fraid to put on my headphones for a long time, not knowing when the next beep will happen. Whoever came with the idea of high frequency beep ? Thanks a lot again!!

  18. Sven says:

    Thank You!

  19. tonysony says:

    used tweakui on server 2003 and worked like a charm. thank a lot!

  20. JoeBoy says:

    Thanks a bunch! It was annoying the life out of me.

  21. Louis Bialy says:

    WARNING … I employed this method and it wiped-out all the sound drivers on my system to the extent that Device Manager showed NO Audio Device.

    It took 24+ hours to troubleshoot my “Sound Death” Problem.


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