Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Quickstart

Implementing and eventually developing Sharepoint 2007 (also known as MOSS) stuff is my next big project at 'work work'. It's been tough finding straightforward information on implementation but I finally did. First, Martin Kearn, an MCS Sharepoint guy based in the UK, wrote an outstanding four page guide (bulleted) titled "How to Install Sharepoint Server 2007 on a Single Machine." I adapted this slightly to use a small farm configuration. The only change I'd suggest for this guide is to use CNAME records in DNS instead of A records; it's a little less maintenance.

I also have a Sharepoint consultant friend, Trevor that shared a few tips. Here's what I've learned.

1.Microsoft SharePoint: Building Office 2007 Solutions in VB 2005 (or C# edition) is the holy grail of Sharepoint 2007 books. Not only does the author Scot Hillier, a well-known Sharepoint Expert, discuss development, but much of the book discusses administration as well. He also talks about implementation for the first three chapters or so. In this book I learned that...
2.Kerberos isn't just more secure than NTLM, but it also performs a lot better. More secure was intriguing but better performance had me sold.
3.Wondering what to name your Sharepoint website? Many companies name their Sharepoint sites: portal, extranet/intranet or sharepoint.
4.A small farm configuration (2 machines - SQL & App/IIS) with powerful servers is good enough for companies with 500 employees or less. At least to start..
5.Yes, many companies often run other small intranet sites on their Sharepoint IIS servers. I plan to as well.
6.Sharepoint 2007 is much more Internet friendly than Sharepoint 2003. Many companies are now using Sharepoint to power their Internet websites.
7.Fir those running MOSS 2007 in a lab environment, don't run it on a domain controller; it's been said not to work.

Also, here's a list of my bookmarks tagged as sharepoint setup on delicious.