Easily Control Service Auto-start Using Chkconfig

A friend showed me this and I’ve used it a few times since. Here’s the easiest way to make a service auto start or stop after reboot:

chkconfig servicename on to auto-start and chkconfig servicename off to stop auto-startup.

Thanks, Lenny! Also, can anyone remind me what command I use to add regular user bins to root’s path? (ie. add /usr/bin)

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One comment on “Easily Control Service Auto-start Using Chkconfig
  1. polarizer says:

    i tried this command on my ubuntu box several times/versions until i realized that i’ve to use “update-rc.d” instead. just to mention it.

    to answer your question. if i understood correctly you want to expand root’s search path for binaries?!

    put following line

    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin

    in the end of the file


    logout yourself and login again

    and check with

    echo $PATH

    whether path is now complete or not.


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