8-bit tie, 8-bit face

Hah! I bought an 8-bit tie the other day from ThinkGeek. It arrived, I sported it at work much to everyone's pleasure then I went home and took an action shot.

My smile in the picture looked silly but the tie was rockin so I 8-bitted my face and submitted it to ThinkGeek. I checked out the page today and there I are!

In other news, Microsoft is awesome (but y'all already knew that). I dropped by their SF office today to pick up some swag for a gathering I'm having and they gave me the coolest swag of my life -- some wine tools (thermometer, corker, uncorker thing, something else I don't know how to use) in a cherry wooden box w/ a gold placard that reads "SQL Server 2005." Receiving this gift comes at the perfect time too, I've been drinking wine like a fish since I moved to the Italian part of San Francisco a couple months ago.

Thanks, Microsoft. You are and will always be my favorite overlords.

Love, Chrissy