and The Hott Infinite Scrollage

While visiting one of the best music discovery blogs ever,, I noticed that the author, Paul Irish, had implemented a really slick Infinite Scroll AJAX technique which smoothly loads the next set(s) of posts without loading a new page.

This blog is awesome and the
author wrote some sweet code.

I was so impressed by the cross-browser compatibility and usability that after checking the copyright and seeing it was GPL’d, I added a slightly modified version of Paul’s code to my own blog. I then changed the AJAX loading gif to one that I found @ this ajax gif generator and turned the code into a WordPress plugin. In talking to Paul, however, I discovered that he and his friend are working on a plug-in too and theirs will actually have options. So I won’t be releasing mine but if anyone can’t wait until theirs is released, you can download my super simple version here. Your posts must be in the content div (which is generally the case with themes) for this to work. You may also want to remove any Next and Previous prompts.

You can see this plugin in action on the homepage of this blog or at the original source,

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10 comments on “ and The Hott Infinite Scrollage
  1. Paul Irish says:

    very cool. looks great on your site.

  2. donoho says:

    FYI – I just noticed something during a passing glance at process explorer. My firefox working set was HUGE. I usually have a lot of plugins running, but don’t usually go over 300MB. It was over 400. I immediately went to see if was still open in a tab. Yup. Quick test: Ctl + End = Additional 10MB, Ctl + End = Additional 15MB, etc. Closing tab freed up over 200MB of RAM from the firefox.exe process.

  3. superkev says:

    awesome little plugin, and works like a charm. extra memory be damned! i love dynamically creating the longest webpage evar!

  4. superkev says:

    hey i’m wondering if you can tell me why enabling the hott scrollage breaks my javascript lightbox plugin? i’m torn now between hott scrollage, and hott css javascript layered photos on my blog:

  5. Chrissy says:

    oops caps lock. thanks for writing. not sure why it breaks… i cant really look till jan 2 because i’m down 1 arm/shoulder/typing hand till then.


  6. superkev says:

    ouch. ok. take it easy, one-armed bandida.

  7. Chrissy says:

    i experienced the exact same thing on his sit but not mone. perhaps it’s the flash?

  8. combos says:

    thanks for plugin but it’s not working on my website at all.I’m using the latest version 2.6.1.

  9. Paul Irish says:

    For all future searchers that land here,

    You can check out a full wordpress plugin and jquery plugin at


  10. Chrissy says:

    Paul, thanks for the update. Nice site!

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