WordPress Security Whitepaper and a Random Tip

I found a pretty good WordPress Security Whitepaper over at BlogSecurity.net. I followed most of the techniques, especially those that concerned protecting the wp-admin directory, since that’s what got me hacked last time.

Also, today, while installing 8 GB of RAM into my virtual server and after more than a decade of taking computers apart, I finally figured out an easy way to keep track of those tiny computer screws. I took a Post-it, turned it upside down and used the glue strip to keep the screws all in one place. Granted I try to stay away from hardware because I tend to catch it on fire, but I can’t believe how long it took for me to figure that out.

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3 comments on “WordPress Security Whitepaper and a Random Tip
  1. bryan says:

    You don’t like crawling under your desk wondering, “Is that a screw, dust bunny, or a SPIDER?!?!?”

  2. Chrissy says:

    Haha. No thanks! Most of the time, I can’t even find it if it’s fallen. And zomg I hate spiders :|

  3. Chrissy says:

    Wow! That happens to me too on aurgasm.us but not on netnerds. Perhaps its something to do with how much data is contained or his embedded flash?

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