HP DL380 G4 and VMware: Will Not Run 64-bit Virtualized Guests.

I read all the Internet debates about how it might or it might not and I can confirm that I tried it and it didn't work. The server runs the host OS, SuSE Linux 64-bit, beautifully but it totally craps out when a 64-bit guest OS install is attempted. EM64T doesn't do VT so.. if that's what you're looking for, start with the HP DL380 G5.

This server still has its benefits however. Including 6 drive slots (2x72,2x147,2x36 SCSI YAY), capacity for up to 12 GB of RAM (I installed 10) and it's decently affordable. Another thing that I love about it is that I can change the POST text. How fun is that? So I made it say something that makes me laugh everytime. See if you can spot it:

Image not found

Web path: https://blog.netnerds.net/images/ghettofiya.gif

Disk path: /static/images/ghettofiya.gif

Using Page Bundles: false

Mmm 10240 MB Initialized... *drool*