Apache: Pre-compiled mod_auth_pam for SLES 11

This was ridiculous. Since apache-devel isn’t available in SLES (and I do understand why, but give me the option at least!), I had to sync up one of my SLES machines to an OpenSuSE repository and get all of my necessary packages required to compile mod_auth_pam. I was required to downgrade quite a few packages, but whatever works, eh?

For those of you running SLES and are trying to get mod_auth_pam to work, you can grab a precompiled copy of mod_auth_pam.tgz.

This works on the standard Apache2 install that comes with SLES 11. I presume it also works on OpenSuSE 11 as well. Just download the tgz, extract the contents, and run ./install. Then you can load up Novell’s step-by-step tutorial on how to get this to work. Take note at the instructions to manually change a few files because that still needs to be done.

For my future reference, here are the Apache directives I ended up using:
AuthPAM_Enabled On
AuthPAM_FallThrough Off
AuthBasicAuthoritative Off
AuthGROUP_Enabled Off
AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthType Basic
AuthName ADDomain
require valid-user

While this works, it isn’t seamless like way mod_auth_ntlm_winbind, but it works over SSL, unlike mod_auth_ntlm_winbind.

Chrissy is a Cloud and Datacenter Management & Data Platform MVP who has worked in IT for over 20 years. She is the creator of the popular SQL PowerShell module dbatools, holds a master's degree in Systems Engineering and is coauthor of Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches. Chrissy is certified in SQL Server, Linux, SharePoint and network security. You can follow her on Twitter at @cl.

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4 comments on “Apache: Pre-compiled mod_auth_pam for SLES 11
  1. Birger says:

    Hi Chrissy,
    thanks for bringing up the topic of using pam instead of winbind on SLES 11 (just what I googled for). If you need the devel-packages from SLES 11 you can download a DVD rpm-Repository of the SLE-11-SDK from Novell: https://nu.novell.com/repo/$RCE/SLE11-SDK-Pool/
    That contains everything you need to build apache modules. There's also a mirror at: http://demeter.uni-regensburg.de/SLES11-SDK-x64/D

  2. Ian Veach says:

    Chrissy – Why do you understand why apache-devel is not in there? Because it's devel?

    FWIW, Novell's repository DOES contain most devel packages, but there's a dependency from libapr-util1-devel (needed by apache2-devel) for db-devel, and there doesn't seem to be a db-devel package. Not really sure how to solve this other than attempt to build my own db-devel rpm from source. I've looked across all SDK (and normal) pools and not found db-devel anywhere.

    • Chrissy LeMaire says:

      Ivan, yes, because it's development. SuSE Enterprise Edition only supports final packages that have been thoroughly tested. Everything else goes to OpenSUSE.

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