Easily Install Mac OS X Leopard on an MBR Formatted Disk

Ugh, eff a GUID formatted disk! This is by far the easiest way to get OS X Leopard (Retail/Vanilla) to install on an MBR formatted disk. I've gone through about 400 other tutorials and most were so complex. This method, which consists of about 20 simple steps has worked like a charm so far. I suggest reading the tutorial, but it's pretty much as easy as this:

Create a temp 6 gig partition. Then, in a Terminal window, run:

  • cp -R /System/Installation/Packages/* /Volumes/TempPart
  • cd /Volumes/TempPart
  • mkdir temp
  • mv OSInstall.mpkg temp/
  • cd temp
  • xar -x -f OSInstall.mpkg
  • cat Distribution | sed "s/eraseOptionAvailable='true'//g" > Distribution2
  • mv Distribution2 Distribution
  • rm -Rf OSInstall.mpkg
  • xar -c -f OSInstall.mpkg *
  • mv OSInstall.mpkg ../
  • cd
  • rm -Rf temp
  • mount
  • cd /
  • umount /Volumes/TempPart
  • mount -t hfs /dev/diskXsX /System/Installation/Packages

Getting Windows 7 and OSX Leopard to dual-boot on a Hackintosh/Hackbook has not been easy. I'll be posting how I did it once I've successfully booted into both.