Enable Windows NTLM Pass-through Authentication in Linux-based Apache

Thank Science for SuSE Linux Enterprise 11; it’s made this process relatively easy. SLES 10 SP2 was giving me a headache because of some Windows 2008 based Active Directory authentication issues but upgrading SLES 11 took care of all that.

First thing is first, setup samba to authenticate to AD. Next, install the OpenSuSE mod_auth_ntlm_winbind RPM.

rpm –install http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.0/repo/oss/suse/i586/apache2-mod_auth_ntlm_winbind-0.0.0.lorikeet_svn_682-135.1.i586.rpm

The wiki for this Apache 2 module can be found here. Next, we’re going to instasll pam_smb, set the proper permissions on winbindd_privileged, add the module to apache and restart the web service.

yast -i pam_smb
setfacl -m u:wwwrun:rx /var/lib/samba/winbindd_privileged
a2enmod auth_ntlm_winbind
rcapache2 restart

Finally, add something to the effect of this to your Apache config file:

  AuthName "NTLM Authentication"
  NTLMAuth on
  NTLMAuthHelper "/usr/bin/ntlm_auth --helper-protocol=squid-2.5-ntlmssp"
  NTLMBasicAuthoritative on
  AuthType NTLM
  require valid-user

Restart the service and you should be authenticating automatically. Don’t forget to add the website to your browser’s Intranet zone if needed.

Also, I read that, unfortunately, auth_ntlm_winbind, doesn’t work over SSL but I’m going to try it anyway. In the event that it doesn’t, I’ll be exploring Kerberos authentication within Apache.

Chrissy is a Cloud and Datacenter Management & Data Platform MVP who has worked in IT for over 20 years. She is the creator of the popular SQL PowerShell module dbatools, holds a master's degree in Systems Engineering and is coauthor of Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches. Chrissy is certified in SQL Server, Linux, SharePoint and network security. You can follow her on Twitter at @cl.

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4 comments on “Enable Windows NTLM Pass-through Authentication in Linux-based Apache
  1. Maxwell says:

    Any luck with auth_ntlm_winbind and SSL?

  2. Chrissy says:

    Negative. I ended up using Likewise. Check out http://blog.netnerds.net/category/security/ for more details.

  3. Thanks for this post, it was most useful. I've tested this auth method over ssl and can confirm that it doesn't work on IE 8 (get a 500 server error). It does however seem to work fine in Firefox 3.6.3.

    To white list ntlm servers in recent versions of firefox (for password-less authentication on windows), you need to use about:config and edit the network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris option (enter your webserver name).

  4. Marcin Makalowski says:

    If Your’e using 64bit rpm of auth_ntlm_winbind authentication is not working
    There is a bug and You have to rebuild rpm with path.

    best Regards


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