Hello World! I Created My First iPhone App (And Used Snow Leopard on a Netbook to do it.)

With the guidance of Apress's Beginning iPhone 3 Development, I was able to create my first iPhone App in less than two hours. While the book's first chapter used the classic yet very boring Hello World example, I knew I'd need to spice things up in order to keep my interest. Over the past few weeks, I've been playing pranks on my friend Chelsea and figured I could use an iPhone App to continue this trend.

Let's just say, if Apple made a commercial for my App, it would state: Need to turn Chelsea on? There's an App for that.

iPhone App

I know Netbooks are supposed to just be used for surfing, but they are plenty powerful as a secondary machine and hobbyist iPhone development. Earlier today, I was running Photoshop CS 4, Chrome, Adium and Xcode with no issues. Next up, writing a RealCajunRecipes.com iPhone app, then migrating the entire site to the WordPress platform!