AppleScript: Using Folder Actions to Sync Folders

AppleScript is so fun! That and Folder Actions are two of the reasons I love OS X.

So I recently had something come up where I had to make sure anything that was copied into one folder was immediately copied into another. Folder Actions made this simple.. now I haven’t added the functionality to make sure that anything that’s deleted from the master folder gets deleted in the Sync Folder but this script is good enough.

I saved this code as an .scpt file in /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts, attached it to a folder and I was set.

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3 comments on “AppleScript: Using Folder Actions to Sync Folders
  1. anthony says:

    does this include the folder's sub folders???

  2. quaid says:

    want it to work but get expected end of line but found unknown token from the do shell script line

  3. brian says:

    syntax error in do shell script line “expected end of line”

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