SharePoint Server 2010: Designer Error “data source already exists in BDCM”

So here’s an error that, at the time I encountered it, did not have a great deal of information about it on the web:

The system definition with the same name as this data source already exists in the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store and it refers to a different data source. Cannot complete operation generation. Add a connection to this data source with a different name and try again.

I encountered this error after deleting an External Content Type, then recreating it with the same name. The solution ended up being rather simple: close SP 2010 Designer and reopen again. Voila!

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8 comments on “SharePoint Server 2010: Designer Error “data source already exists in BDCM”
  1. Salvador Rodriguez says:

    I was about to rebuild the entire site.

  2. Leo says:

    Cool ! It helped !

  3. Ravi Ranjan Karn says:

    thanks ! It simple and perfect.

  4. Hector Higuera says:

    Actually it is a tab that you may have still have open with that same name. Just closing the tab will have the error corrected.

  5. Gladi On a Glider says:

    MAN… the fix at… kept me thinking how do I re-discover a datasource after deleting it.

    The fix you suggest is very simple and IT WORKS. Thank a lot.

  6. tuyennguyencanada says:

    Thank you

  7. Fuzzy says:

    This “feature” still “works” in SP Designer 2013 and this solution worked for m as well.

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