SharePoint 2010: Create Site Column based on External Data

While the process to create a site column based on external data is pretty straightforward, I wanted to document it here for myself; I keep forgetting that this can’t be done using SharePoint Designer. Here’s how to do it using your a browser:

Create your External Content Type and associated lists -> Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Columns -> Create -> Name your column, click Lookup, wait for the webpage to refresh -> Get Information From (select your External List) -> OK -> Party!

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One comment on “SharePoint 2010: Create Site Column based on External Data
  1. We implemented your Workaround and since then, we cannot save sites as templates, resp. we cannnot acivate them. “Error saving site as template: BDCField not allowed”.
    BUT: Delete the site column doesn’t make it work again! It still does not work although I deleted the site column!
    Now, at the whole site collection we cannot save our Project templates!
    I reproduced this on several site collections. It doesn’t matter if the external site column is used or not. Just configuring the external site column creates the error. And it cannot be undone.
    We have SharePoint 2013. I can find this error also for Moss 2007 and SharePoint 2010 – but I cannot find any solution!
    Any idea?

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