SharePoint 2010 Gotcha: Associated ECT Column Does Not Show Up in Filter Choices

I have a relational table in SQL Server that I access in SharePoint 2010 as an External Content Type. The table, disks, has an FK (serverID) that is associated with a PK in another table, servers, via an Association Operation. Once I create a list and add it to a webpage, I am unable to select the serverID column or its associated lookup column serverName.

After two days of troubleshooting and research, I decided to just stuff the code into the web part and surprisingly enough, it worked! Not only that, once I forced the query in the code, the column magically appeared in the Field Names drop down in the Filter Criteria. Wanna show SharePoint who’s boss? Replace <Query/> in your web part’s code with something like this:


The above is what I used to filter the results using ServerID in the querystring and it worked just as expected.

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