SharePoint 2010: Configuration Wizard Shows Missing Patches

I'm unsure if this is related to my earlier issue, but today, after installing the SharePoint 2010 June Cumulative Update (KB2536599), I encountered an error while running the Configuration Wizard. It kept telling me that various portions of KB2536599 were missing from a particular server. I verified that they were, in fact, installed by checking them out in Add/Remove programs, then I tried rebooting. No Go.

I researched The Google and found this poor chap encountered the same error then wiped out his entire farm. Deity, I hope I don't have to do that. His situation is one of the reasons I'm _really_ apprehensive about using the -force switch in psconfig. Anyway, disconnecting the affected server using psconfig -cmd configdb disconnect and reconnecting it via Configuration Wizard seems to have worked for me so far.

That's twice in one day that I've had to use that "solution." I don't know about this... let's just say I'd be really sick to my stomach right now if this weren't just the lab.

Update: Yeahhhh, that didn't work very well. It appears as though I could have solved it with extensive research but I ended up keeping the SharePoint servers as is and creating a fresh farm in the db server.