SharePoint 2010 + PowerShell: View Dependencies of Content Types (aka Content Type Usage)

Earlier today, I created some test Content Types while playing around with the fancy new Content Organizer. I ran into a few errors, though, and subsequently wanted to delete the dummy content types to start over. I was unable to, however, because the content types were still in use. By what? I didn’t know.

Too bad SharePoint doesn’t have a feature similar to SQL Server Management Studio’s “View Dependencies.” Till it does.. here is a PowerShell script that does the trick.

$sitename= "http://sharepoint"
$contentType = "My Custom Content Type"

$web = Get-SPWeb $sitename
$ct = $web.AvailableContentTypes[$contentType]
$ctusage = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContentTypeUsage]::GetUsages($ct)
     foreach ($ctuse in $ctusage) {


Looking for content type usage within subsites? A more thorough script can be found at StackExchange.

Chrissy is a PowerShell MVP who has worked in IT for nearly 20 years, and currently serves as a Sr. Database Engineer in Belgium. Always an avid scripter, she attended the Monad session at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles back in 2005 and has worked and played with PowerShell ever since. Chrissy is currently pursuing an MS in Systems Engineering at Regis University and helps maintain in her spare time. She holds a number of certifications, including those relating to SQL Server, SuSE Linux, SharePoint and network security. She recently became co-lead of the SQL PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter. You can follow her on Twitter at @cl.

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