SharePoint 2010: Stop Mixed Content Prompts on RSS Feeds Viewed on SSL-enabled Sites

I started on a new client site last week and my first task was immediately clear: I had to remove the Mixed Content Security prompt on the encrypted SharePoint intranet's front page. Firebug showed that my browser was making calls to even though the RSS feed was an entirely different address at

My first instinct was to try to see if I could find the feed on HTTPS but did not respond to my request. Then I thought -- the only reason my browser would be making calls to feedburner would be for tracking. Although it's not a critical security threat or waste of bandwidth (the images were 1x1 gifs), I really didn't want feedburner to collect information about our intranet so I decided it was probably best to just remove all embedded HTML code in the description. After some research, it looked like XSL was likely the best way to do this.

I'm not an XSL pro, but I can get around. My initial search for sample code led me to a promising XSL function (which I can't find again to link :( ), but functions are only supported in XML namespace 2.0 and SharePoint uses 1.0 in the RSS Web Part. After reviewing the XSL provided in the SharePoint RSS Web Part, I decided to embed the strip-tags template within the GetSafeHTML template that is called for all the different types of feeds.

The following code removes all content within HTML tags (img, a, b, etc) so you're left with plain-text for the description. Clicking the title of the article to read more, still works, of course. To use this in your own RSS feed, edit the RSS Web Part, click on XSL Editor ... at the bottom of the web part panel, and replace the GetSafeHtml template with the following code:

This code basically runs strip-tags on the final output of the description node, and aside from the strip-tags code itself, only adds 4 extra lines to your original XSL :)