[Solved] SharePoint 2010: Obtaining STSUPLD.DLL without installing Microsoft Office

If you find that “Upload Multiple Files…” is greyed out or otherwise unavailable in SharePoint 2010 and you:

  1. Are running 32-bit version of Internet Explorer
  2. Don’t have a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 available
  3. Have added your SharePoint site to the Trusted or Intranet Security zone in IE

You can still enable this functionality by installing SharePoint Designer 2007. It’s a whopping 200+MB file, but it’s the only thing I’ve found that supplies and registers STSUPLD.DLL, the DLL required for ActiveX “STSupld.UploadCtl” generally provided by the pricey Office 2007+ Professional.

Thing’s that didn’t work?
– Installing Access 2010 Runtime+SP1
– Installing SharePoint Designer 2010+SP1
– A reinstall of SharePoint Designer 2010
– Installing Visual Studio for SharePoint something Runtime
– Installing Word Viewer

This file uploader is a nice clean interface primarily suitable for end-users. It has its limitations, however, such as only being able to upload 100 files at a time. If you need more flexibility, you can mount the SharePoint site using Windows Explorer. Check out this post for detailed instructions on how to mount an SSL encrypted site.

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3 comments on “[Solved] SharePoint 2010: Obtaining STSUPLD.DLL without installing Microsoft Office
  1. John says:

    well i am having the same problem but in a different way i am able to upload multiple documents from the server and my local machine but when client try ti do so the internet explorer is crashing saying the fault module as STSUPLD.DLL wt to do ?
    clent using 32 bit IE office 2010 STSUPLD>DLL is there in offfice folder …

  2. Brad says:

    John, did you ever find a resolution to your issue?

  3. dan says:

    I also found that DLL in this location:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Expression\Web 2\Office12

    So I guess you can just install MS Expression Web 2 (free).

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