PowerShell Invoke-RestMethod / CloudFlare API v4 Code Sample

If you’re looking to create your own CloudFlare API v4-based PowerShell module, and would like some syntax examples, here’s a simplified breakdown of my CloudFlareDynDns module on github, which I discuss in “Use PowerShell and CloudFlare API v4 to Dynamically Update CloudFlare DNS to your External IP“.

# Set auth and subdomain information
$token = "1234567893feefc5f0q5000bfo0c38d90bbeb"
$email = "[email protected]"
$domain = "example.com"
$record = "homelab"

# Get external IP
$ipaddr = Invoke-RestMethod http://ipinfo.io/json | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ip

$baseurl = "https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/zones"
$zoneurl = "$baseurl/?name=$domain"

# To login use...
$headers = @{
	'X-Auth-Key' = $token
	'X-Auth-Email	' = $email

# Get Zone info
$zone = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $zoneurl -Method Get -Headers $headers
$zoneid = $zone.result.id

$recordurl = "$baseurl/$zoneid/dns_records/?name=$record.$domain"

# Get current DNS record
$dnsrecord = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $recordurl -Method Get -Headers $headers

# If it exists, update, if not, add
if ($dnsrecord.result.count -gt 0) {

	$recordid = $dnsrecord.result.id	
	$dnsrecord.result | Add-Member "content"  $ipaddr -Force 
	$body = $dnsrecord.result | ConvertTo-Json 
	$updateurl = "$baseurl/$zoneid/dns_records/$recordid/" 
	$result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $updateurl -Method Put -Headers $headers -Body $body
	Write-Output "Record $record.$domain has been updated to the IP $($result.result.content)"
} else {
	$newrecord = @{
		"type" = "A"
		"name" =  "$record.$domain"
		"content" = $ipaddr
	$body = $newrecord | ConvertTo-Json
	$newrecordurl = "$baseurl/$zoneid/dns_records"
	$request = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $newrecordurl -Method Post -Headers $headers -Body $body -ContentType "application/json"
	Write-Output "New record $record.$domain has been created with the ID $($request.result.id)"

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