Contributing to dbatools & dbareports using GitHub Desktop

Repost from Recently, I presented to the Philadelphia PowerShell User Group about Contributing to Open Source PowerShell projects using GitHub Desktop. I chose this topic because a number of people have asked for step-by-step instructions on how to work with GitHub.

I love the command line, but with Git? I think it's important to get the concepts down first and the Desktop version makes that a lot easier to contribute to projets like dbatools, dbareports and even PowerShell itself.

In the presentation, I pretty much follow along with the tutorial on our wiki called Your First Pull Request. But! I also included some information about working with PowerShell, PowerShell modules and PowerShell-centric GitHub repositories that was not in the tutorial, so there's still some good information to gain even if you already know how to make a Pull Request.

So if you've wanted to get involved in the project but were a bit hesitant because you aren't comfortable with git, check out this informative and fun video and Get-Contributing ;)