dark mode is for lovers ๐Ÿ–ค

This post is about all the things I use to fill my life with dark mode. I'm mostly writing to tell everyone about a free browser plugin, Dark Reader, that's incredible, but will include other extras as well.

Dark Reader

The browser plugin Dark Reader has changed my life and I'm obsessed with it. As I explained to a friend "I have the best plugin in the world to recommend. It automatically dark themes every website by detecting color schemes and then rewrites a matching dark theme dynamically"

It works on sites with complex code themes too! But I don't know if you missed it in the first screenshot, you can control the brightness! The contrast! The SEPIA! What?

Dark Reader is free for Chrome, Firefox and indirectly on Opera. For Safari, it costs $4.99. I ended up donating $5 and will probably donate regularly. I'm so shocked at how great this plugin is.


HazeOver is a "distraction dimmer" for Mac. I originally got it to help fix the dumbest issue ever: Mac brightness controls don't control the secondary monitor(?!) So I got HazeOver to dim my secondary monitor but it turned out to be awesome in general. It dims whatever windows aren't active and it's damn smooth about it.


It costs $9.99 but you can do a free trial. I decided to give give them my money after seeing all of the incredibly glowing reviews. Now I'm one of those reviewers being like "best app ever!"

Dark Mode Script for Slack

Adil Leghari created this awesome PowerShell script to dark mode Slack.


Slack is outrageous and I've given up on them supporting dark mode. It's literally been 5 years since they started saying it was on their radar ๐Ÿ™„

Windows and mac OS

In better news, both Microsoft and Apple delivered on dark modes! Windows 10 October 2018 update now supports dark mode! And, of course, mac OS Mojave is downright gorgeous.


For dark mode irl, check out Luminoodle TV Bias Lighting. The back of my monitors point at the wall and it creates such a nice glow that super easy on the eyes ๐Ÿ˜

If anyone has some dark themers that they are pumped about, let me know in the comments!