Switching to Brave

Browsing the internet, with all the EU cookie consents, has made the entire internet unusable.

As a dedicated Chrome user, it didn't really occur to me give other browsers serious consideration. I only recently switched to Safari on the iPhone because it offered minimal blocking via a Safari extension in the app store.

The experience still sucked though. On some sites, I still only had three visible lines of text while the the rest of the screen weas filled with ads and videos. Chrome was of absolutely no use.

All this to say, the torture is over, and I love using Brave. I used to follow some of the devs on Twitter, but always thought it was a browser for someone else. Maybe someone who is into Tor, which I am not. Maybe someone who isn't dedicated to their browser the way I was dedicated to Chrome.

But then I switched and now I have to tell everyone about it. First, I was using Brave on my mobile and THE INTERNET WAS USABLE AGAIN! Hallelujah. No more cookie consent forms every two seconds. No more full-screen ads blocking the actual content. No more newsletter requests.

Oh, and intrusive chat is gone too. I'd enable all of these filters if it wouldn't make Brave slow.

Brave Browser

So I switched to Brave on desktop too. Mostly for the sync features that sync with mobile. Brave imported everything I needed from Chrome. It even supports most Chrome extensions, so that was easy. Honestly, I was going to switch even if it wouldn't have.

Here's some other things that I like about it:

  • Built-in ad and tracker blocking, and you can control the degree to which it blocks. I went aggressive across the board.
  • They block fingerprinting(!!), cross-site trackers, scripts, and more
  • Tor integration if you want it
  • Works on basically every platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.

I'm writing this post bc I plan to spread it everywhere possible. It's just so nice to be able to use the internet on my phone again. (I heard all of this is true with Firefox too but I just don't like it)