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Chrissy LeMaire

I’m a Microsoft PowerShell & SQL Server MVP and a proud Cajun, who’s living it up in Belgium, doing automation stuff.



My addiction to computers started back in 1987 when my Mom purchased a Leading Edge Model D for her home office. She also bought Infocom’s Wishbringer to encourage her three children to become familiar with MS-DOS and computers in general. It worked; all three of her children now work in IT.

This is where I started playing with computers – the heart of Cajun country.
Notice how far the heart is from New Orleans. Thanks!

I bought NetNerds.net back in 1997 after I created a company, NetNerds Networks. When not “work working”, I spend my free time working on RealCajunRecipes.com with my mom and best friend. I looooove cooking, though I’m not nearly as good as my mom or grandma.

In 2007, I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BSc. in Information Systems and then got my Masters in Systems Engineering from Regis University in 2018. I’ve been working in IT for about 20 years now and have spent most of that time working as a database administrator and programmer. Although I spend most of my time on Windows networks, I have several years of experience with Linux, BSD and OS X.

My Former Setup

I used to colocate 6Us of only-slightly-better-than-ghetto servers. My main server was an HP DL380 with 10GB RAM and I had a few other rock-solid HP DL360s and some not-so-rock-solid Rackable Systems 2U servers. My network had a variety of physical and virtual machines as well as a variety of operating systems. Okay, so Windows, SuSE Linux and ESX is not so varied, but hey.

I move around quite a bit and grew tired of moving my colocated servers with me. Now, after more than a decade of hosting my own servers, I moved my websites to an SSD VPS at KnownHost.

My primary home machine is a blazing fast macmini i7. It has 16GB of RAM, 250GB SSD drive and that’s all I really care about. My 2016 Macbook leaves a bit to be desired. It’s fast and light but the keyboard is awful.
Oh, and I run a vSphere cluster on some ultra quiet Shuttles with 128GB RAM total and a smattering of m.2 drives.

My Music

I love everything from New Kids to NSync. But instead of going through a laundry list, I’ll let my Last.FM account speak for me. Go look.

Nerdy things that make me lol

My friend Zach..
Zach:  I’m chillin at Cafe Barrone in Menlo Park
Zach:  right next to this fountain
Zach:  and there is a really hot blonde college girl with a tiny Vaio
Zach:  across from me
Zach:  I know, not your type
Zach:  not mine either except for the Vaio and the extended battery
Zach:  I’m watching her type right now…..

My friend Patrick..

Me: Posts a link to one of my old web pages
Patrick: omg classic asp…my hard drive just formatted itself.

Brandon Abshire

Brandon still hasn’t created a bio yet 🤐

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