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Patterns and Practices: A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control – Free ebook.

While I usually like conversation-style technical books (think: Manning’s In Action series and many Wrox books), Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices series is one of my favorite even though they feel so formal. Recently, my buddy Buck Woody posted a link

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PowerShell Workaround: “Replicate Directory Changes” Permissions in AD Required for SharePoint 2010 Profile Syncs

According to the SharePoint 2010 Communities FAQ, Microsoft is burdening SharePoint 2010 Administrators with new requirements to obtain Active Directory accounts with “Replicate Directory Changes” permissions because… In order to interrogate AD about “what has changed since time xyz”, we

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Find LDAP DN of Users and Groups using the Command Line

I always forget this command, so here’s a handy reference (for moi): Find LDAP Path of… Command OU dsquery OU –name “OU name” Group dsquery group –name “Group name” Username dsquery user –name username Computer dsquery computer -name computername  

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FIX: Windows 7 Login Error "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed."

UPDATE: Omg, awesome! Use PowerShell’s Reset-ComputerMachinePassword, then reboot. Hat tip: Don’t Rejoin to Fix. Don’t do what I did below. Just run Reset-ComputerMachinePassword in PowerShell and reboot. Recently, my workstation was suddenly unable to logon to my Windows 2008 domain.

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Securing Apache using mod_ssl, OpenSSL and Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA)

Recently, I used my Windows-based domain’s Enterprise Root Certification Authority to secure my subversion repository that is hosted on an Apache-based server. The process was rather straight-forward and relatively fast — especially because I skipped over all of the file

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Windows 7: Disable Unnecessary Services on a Domain Workstation

I finally took the plunge and installed Windows 7 on my Dell Netbook (Inspiron mini iM10-008B). I originally bought the Dell to make it into a Hackbook but after I realized how time-intensive the initial setup may be, I looked

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Securing Subversion with Windows 2008 Kerberos-Based SSO and Linux-Based Apache

Some things just belong on Linux. Like Subversion and Apache, for instance. I’ve seen the ghetto workarounds for Windows-based Apache installs and no thanks — I’d much rather waste my time on ghetto SharePoint workarounds. But I sure do like

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Apache: Pre-compiled mod_auth_pam for SLES 11

This was ridiculous. Since apache-devel isn’t available in SLES (and I do understand why, but give me the option at least!), I had to sync up one of my SLES machines to an OpenSuSE repository and get all of my

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