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OpenVPN: Update Client DNS Servers on Mac OS X Using the Command Line.

There’s a bit of a debate on how best to update your DNS resolver on Mac OS X when connecting to an OpenVPN Server. For whatever reason, even if use DHCP on the VPN server, OS X won’t use the

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OS X: Find Network Gateway using the Comand Line

This is a bit more complex than it should be; I was hoping networksetup would make this easier but, alas. Using netstat -nr appears to be the best way to find your gateway from the command line: netstat -nr |

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iPhone Dev: Base SDK Missing Solved

Someone awesome sent me the code to an iPhone app that he created for I unzipped the file, and opened the project in XCode 4.2. I immediately noticed the upper left hand drop down (what’s that called anyway?) said

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AppleScript: Using Folder Actions to Sync Folders

AppleScript is so fun! That and Folder Actions are two of the reasons I love OS X. So I recently had something come up where I had to make sure anything that was copied into one folder was immediately copied

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HOWTO: Simply Connect Mac OSX to a dd-wrt OpenVPN Server on TCP Port 443

If you find yourself on a really restrictive network but still want to connect to a remote VPN, consider this solution. It allows you to connect a Mac OS X OpenVPN client to an OpenVPN server using a static key.

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OS X: Show hidden files and WTF to do with an ipsw file.

I just downloaded the iPhone OS 4.0 beta and have no idea what to do with the resulting ipsw file. Apple was awesome enough not to include any obvious directions. So after searching Google, I came across some forums that

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Hello World! I Created My First iPhone App (And Used Snow Leopard on a Netbook to do it.)

With the guidance of Apress’s Beginning iPhone 3 Development, I was able to create my first iPhone App in less than two hours. While the book’s first chapter used the classic yet very boring Hello World example, I knew I’d

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Dual Boot MBR-based OS X Leopard (Vanilla) and Windows 7 on $330 Dell Mini 10v Netbook

Natively booting OS X and Windows 7 on a hella fine Dell Mini is initially challenging but well worth the reward of being the coolest nerd on the block. Here’s what you’ll need to accomplish this task: Windows 7 DVD

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