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Solved: Missing Hard Drive Space in Windows Server 2008

Tonight, I uninstalled Exchange Server 2007 from a development server and was surprised to see that, after the uninstall was complete (and not without a few workarounds), only 50GB of an 80GB hard drive remained. Explorer showed 25GB free, but

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Using Google/Gmail Apps as a Lightweight Postini Replacement

I work for a large company that uses Postini for Enterprise spam filtering and it does a fantastic job. It’s actually famous for being one of the very few spam filter capable of blocking UCEs from the “Cajun Spam King”

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OWA: Expired Password Causes Execute Access Forbidden

Recently, a user trying to login to OWA encountered the following error: HTTP 403.1 Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden You have attempted to execute a CGI, ISAPI, or other executable program from a directory that does not allow programs to be

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VBScript: Find All Exchange Servers in Active Directory

My friend Sharfa and I were exchanging some of our favorite code snippets and he showed me one for enumerating Exchange Servers in Active Directory. I dug the code but wanted to try to see if I could use my

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VBScript: Track Outbound E-mail Addresses in Exchange

I use the code below to extract e-mail addresses from outbound e-mails and insert them into a SQL table. This is useful when using custom Exchange/SQL Server solutions to put a lid on spam ;D Exchange Sink <script LANGUAGE="VBScript"> Sub

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Change Exchange Server's Administrative Group using adsiedit

The MSPress Exchange Training Kit supposedly says that you must uninstall/reinstall an Exchange Server in order to move it from one Administrative Group to another. I managed to do change the administrative group for one of my servers today using

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VBScript: Delete ALL E-mails from the Exchange 2003 Queue

Recently my Exchange server got pounded by spammers that were attacking my NDR (non delivery report) capabilities. Turning off NDRs helped 75% and I explored Exchange quite a bit along the way to figure out that last 25%. It seems

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VBScript: Gather E-mail Addresses from an Exchange Mailbox

I recently sent out a newsletter to everyone who had any communicatoin with I had an Exchange Mailbox that collected all emails sent using the Tell-A-Friend feature of the website as well as the guestbook, ask maw-maw, and general

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