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WordPress Plugin Rerelease: Quick Code -> Dirty Code

Thanks to everyone who has written to me about the name conflict between my WordPress plugin, Quick Code, and David Gwyer’s plugin, Quick Code. I created the Quick Code plugin three and a half years ago so I’m not sure

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April Fools Joke 04: I Just Can't Even Top This

It’s been 5 years, since I pulled this very geeky and very successful April Fools prank on my then girlfriend and it still makes me laugh. If you haven’t read about the HOSTS prank yet, click on the picture above

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A Case of the Haves: Should I Get My Degree and/or Microsoft Certification?

OK, I realize this is my fifth blog post in two days after a seven month blog posting deficit. Is it obvious I’m procrastinating? Well, I am, but writing blog entries is way easier than studying. Apparently, my brain is

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The Simple-Talk Cookbook: A Cookbook for Geeks by Geeks

I can’t believe I forgot about this! I blame it on my crazy school schedule back in the day. In December of 2006, I was asked to contribute a recipe to the Simple-Talk Cookbook. Of course, I gladly obliged. The

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iTunes Alternative: Songbird is to iTunes What Firefox is to IE

When I first moved back to Louisiana, I bought a car that fulfilled a few of my childhood dreams. It’s an Audi A4 2.0T with rims, tint, sport suspension, BOOM and a Pioneer touch-screen iPod-compatible/GPS-enabled stereo system. I’m such a

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Whoa.. Microsoft Goes Open Source with the .NET Framework

I’m kinda late on this but arstechnica reports that “Microsoft has opened the source code to the .NET Framework libraries under a read-only reference license. Developers who want to check out the source code need only upgrade to the newly

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If You Dropped Out of College…

For those of you who dropped out of college and want to finish your undergrad degree, you may want to consider the online university, Western Governors University. I’m sharing this on my blog because I actually shared the URL with

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While visiting one of the best music discovery blogs ever,, I noticed that the author, Paul Irish, had implemented a really slick Infinite Scroll AJAX technique which smoothly loads the next set(s) of posts without loading a new page.

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