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If You Dropped Out of College…

For those of you who dropped out of college and want to finish your undergrad degree, you may want to consider the online university, Western Governors University. I’m sharing this on my blog because I actually shared the URL with

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While visiting one of the best music discovery blogs ever,, I noticed that the author, Paul Irish, had implemented a really slick Infinite Scroll AJAX technique which smoothly loads the next set(s) of posts without loading a new page.

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8-bit tie, 8-bit face

Hah! I bought an 8-bit tie the other day from ThinkGeek. It arrived, I sported it at work much to everyone’s pleasure then I went home and took an action shot. My smile in the picture looked silly but the

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Customize Your Character Key

Thanks to my favorite site on the planet, I discovered a new service called which provides a really cool AJAX based web stats app. The setup is very simple — it only requires you to embed a picture on

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17 Ways to Appear to be in the Office While Actually Working from Home

I borrowed part of the title of this post from Wired’s Wiki How-to but I thought their list was kinda crappy so I decided to make my own. I created the list below based off of what I’ve been told

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DBAs: What Do You Do When Major Installations Require Sysadmin Access?

This is driving me absolutely crazy. For the 80th time, I’m required to create a user and give it the sysadmin role. I *have* to do this because the software is business critical (Blackberry Enterprise Server, Interwoven DMS) and installs

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For those of you living in the Bay Area, SuperHappyDevHouse is going on today. I’ll likely make a late arrival after I pick up my broken server in San Jose. WTF is SHDH, you ask? “DevHouse is not a marketing

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My Awesome New Ride: A Kent Super Scooter

Recently, I contemplated getting a Vespa again but decided, instead, to stick with my pretty but slow bicycle. My commute is about 2 miles but using San Francisco’s public transportation, generally takes 26 minutes from door to door. Too long!

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