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my first open source project

I was first introduced to open-source on IRC back in 1996. I joined the #toriamos channel on undernet, which was managed by an eggdrop bot named [iCKy]. [iCKy] was an open-source TCL and C-based program that did cool stuff for

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This month Andy Leonard (b/t) wants to know why we do what we do. Matthew Broderick When I was a kid, I watched War Games and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and immediately wanted to hack. I actually got in trouble

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SSH Tunneling for Windows People: Protecting Remote Desktop

NOTE: If you’re using Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, please follow this article instead. The recent OS X High Sierra iamroot vulnerability reminded me just how many people don’t secure their remote desktop connections. While Windows Remote Desktop is more

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PowerShell Gallery Metapackages

Recently, I was approached by supa-famous Joey Aiello of the PowerShell team at my favorite conference ever, So Joey comes up and says “Chrissy, Aaron Nelson has pretty much required me to talk to you. The SQL Community has

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Active Directory and PHP on Apache on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Recently, I wrote about Joining Ubuntu to an Active Directory Domain. That was for an actual Ubuntu box and the plan was that the next post would be about adding Apache to the mix. But then I got distracted by

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Joining Ubuntu to an Active Directory Domain

Back in 2009, I did a whole lot of messing around with Linux and Active Directory integration, primarily for Apache. Now that Linux is coming to Windows, I figured I’d brush up on my Linux and Windows Integrated Authentication skills

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More on SQLPS and SQL Server on Linux

In tonight’s PowerScripting Podcast, I shared a few things about SQL Server on Linux, and talked a bit about SQLPS. All after a lengthy intro about my tech life and Cajun culture ;) You can watch the whole thing, skip

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SQL Server Client Tools, Linux and Integrated Authentication in a Few Easy Steps

Back in 2013, I wrote about “Using Windows Authentication to Connect to SQL Server from Linux“. Considering how convoluted using Linux can get, doing so was surprisingly straightforward then and it’s even easier now. Want to see a webcast about

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