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OpenWRT & PPTPD: A Love Story

Firesheep got me thinkin’ that I should probably do a little more to beef up the security of my Internet connection on public networks. PPTP has always been a favorite of mine, because it hides traffic well enough to deter

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HOWTO: Simply Connect Mac OSX to a dd-wrt OpenVPN Server on TCP Port 443

If you find yourself on a really restrictive network but still want to connect to a remote VPN, consider this solution. It allows you to connect a Mac OS X OpenVPN client to an OpenVPN server using a static key.

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Permanently Change a Static IP Address in SCO

If you need to temporarily add an IP address in SCO, you can use ifconfig ifconfig net0 inet netmask But really, that just creates an alias that will disappear once the server has been rebooted. In order to

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VMware ESXi 4.0: Create Virtual Machine Error Caused by NSF File on Western Digital MyBook WE

Such an awkward title, I know. It’s just hard to encapsulate the following error message into a blog post title: Create virtual machine Error caused by file /vmfs/volumes/0-cb8d2a5-20-f15722/win-2k8.vmdk Basically, I’m taking ghetto to the next level by using my

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OpenWRT: iptables-based Firewall Rules for PPTP and IPsec

Just a handy little reference for myself. #Internal PPTP Server vpnserver="" iptables -N pptp iptables -A pptp -p tcp --destination-port 1723 --dst $vpnserver -j ACCEPT iptables -A pptp -p gre --dst $vpnserver -j ACCEPT iptables -I FORWARD -j pptp iptables

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Setting Up a Site-to-Site VPN using a Linksys RV082 and OpenWrt/Openswan on a WRT54GS

After a week of trying out several different types of VPNs (PPTP, SSTP, IPSEC) at my new office, I finally figured out a solution to setup a WAN between my Linksys WRT54GSv3 and a Linksys RV082 business router. The solution

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Securing Apache using mod_ssl, OpenSSL and Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA)

Recently, I used my Windows-based domain’s Enterprise Root Certification Authority to secure my subversion repository that is hosted on an Apache-based server. The process was rather straight-forward and relatively fast — especially because I skipped over all of the file

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Windows 7: Disable Unnecessary Services on a Domain Workstation

I finally took the plunge and installed Windows 7 on my Dell Netbook (Inspiron mini iM10-008B). I originally bought the Dell to make it into a Hackbook but after I realized how time-intensive the initial setup may be, I looked

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