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[Solved]: New-WebServiceProxy / GetListItems Excessive Lookup Issue

Recently, while trying to use New-WebServiceProxy to automate some SharePoint form entries, I ran into a lookup issue. First, I got this rather generic error: Exception calling “GetListItems” with “7” argument(s): “Exception of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ was thrown.” . So I

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PowerShell & SharePoint: Using New-WebServiceProxy to Post New Completed Tasks Automatically

Recently, I was asked to help automate a friend’s super boring daily duty of logging repetitive activities to a SharePoint Task list. Even though I’m no longer regularly working with SharePoint (yay!), I accepted the challenge. Below is the script

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Resolving Restore-SPSite Errors occurring within Web Apps with Multiple Site Collections

Recently, a colleague requested that I perform a backup of a development site collection at and restore it to the test site collection The test site collection was one of two site collections on the web app.

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SharePoint/Excel 2010: Relative Hyperlinks and Local Documents

Relatively linking to local documents is much simpler you’d expect. Just save the Excel file and the documents in the same directory and =HYPERLINK(filename,filename). No need for “file://” or any fancy hyperlinking. This method works anywhere — your local drive,

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Install Project Server 2010 on Windows 7

Google is kind of hiding this French guy‘s webpage (at least in America) so I thought I’d point it out. You can install Project Server 2010 and few other Office App Servers on Windowes 7 by making two changes: modify

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SharePoint 2010 Task List Validation: Comparing Two Columns, Status and % Complete

Did you know that SharePoint supports list validation in addition to column validation? I’ve seen the option 100 times before but it never clicked before I actually needed to use it. In this case, I needed to make sure that

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[Client-side Workaround] SharePoint 2010 Excel Services cannot Automatically Refresh Data when using SharePoint Lists as a Data Source

So far as I can tell, Excel Services is not capable of automatic data refreshes when using SharePoint Lists as a data source. If you’re looking for this functionality, you have two choices: PowerPivot (best) or scheduled client-side data refreshing

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SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot Services: Service Account Keeps Getting Locked Out

Okay, I’ve had to call Helpdesk an embarrassing 8 times today because my PowerPivot upgrade is going horribly wrong and locking out my AD account that, admittedly, I use as a “service” account. I’m really left with no choice —

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