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VBScript: When You Can’t Use Powershell to Ping a Webpage…

Sometimes, there’s a need to schedule a “ping” to a webpage (that needs to be pre-compiled, for instance). While using PowerShell is the easiest way to do this, it’s not always available on older server, while VBScript is nearly always

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Accessing XML using the MSDAOSP Provider on Windows Server 2008

For quite some time now, I have been using a scheduled task that executes a VBS file on my web server in order to update local weather information in a database. After porting the site to a Windows 2008 server,

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Efficiently Compare Two SQL Server Tables Using Mostly VBScript

Recently, a friend of mine asked to write a script to compare two SQL Server tables using mostly VBScript. The very thought made me shudder; I wanted desperately to compare the tables in SQL Server but ultimately, the company’s requirements

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MSXML: Access is denied – 80070005 – MSXML4.dll

Recently, I wanted to see if my ex in DC was reading my blog so I ran my referer log against an outdated copy of the MaxMind GeoIP locator database. I figured the database could use some updating so I

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VBScript: Clean Up Imported SIM Card Contacts in Outlook

The other day, I was texting a friend and some guy looked at me and said “Oh hey, 2002 called, it wants its T9 back.” Haha, slightly cliche but I laughed anyway. Then I went and bought myself a Blackberry.

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T-SQL Equivalent of VBScript's FormatDateTime Function

Looking for the T-SQL (somewhat) equivalent to VBScript’s FormatDateTime function? I’ve been too, for years. I finally found it within the CONVERT() function. As stated in SQL Server Books Online: In CONVERT ( data_type [ ( length ) ] ,

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VBScript: Forward SQL Server Alerts/Windows Events to (Cingular) SMS

Someone recently asked why I don’t use SQL Mail on my SQL Servers (2000 and below). The answer is: I don’t want to install Outlook on my SQL Servers. Sure, there are ways around it but I prefer just using

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Active Directory: E-mail Notification for Newly Added Users and Computers

Recently, someone asked if there was a way to be notified when servers have been added to an Active Directory domain. I looked around the Internet and it seems there’s not a direct way to do this without some large

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