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VBScript & SQL: Programatically Find the Location of an IP Address

This is more of a post for proper keywords. My previous entry titled “Import MaxMind City CSVs into SQL Server 2005” assumes the user has already conducted research to find that MaxMind’s free GeoIP database provides the functionality to look

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VBScript: Download and Save a Binary File

Update: If you are an iTunes user that needs VBScript, this page won’t help you. Please visit the following two sites for two different solutions: Apple Docs and This is an old script I dug up which I call

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ASP/VBScript: Send E-Mail with CDO

I’ve used CDONTS for years, even though it hasn’t been included in a Windows Server release since NT4. Anytime I needed to send mail, I’d copy over CDONTS.dll, register it then use my old CDONTS code. Not sure why I

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Classic ASP: "Push" File Downloads from A Directory Outside the Application Root

This is some super old code but I used it recently and figured I’d archive it on this site for my future reference. The sample code below aims to allow authenticated users to download files which are not available via

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VBScript: Enumerate All SQL Servers on a Domain

So if you have SQL Server installed locally, you’re lucky enough to have access to SQLDeeMO. You can then easily enumerate SQL Servers with the following code. Note: If you do decide to use VBScript and SQLDeeMO, you will need

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VBScript: Use an LDAP Query to Find All Windows Servers on a Domain

Damn, the ADsDSOObject rocks! This script, which weighs in at less than 20 lines, finds all machines running any form of Windows Server on a given domain. Note that this script isn’t useful in finding domain controllers, but rather any

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VBScript: Find All Exchange Servers in Active Directory

My friend Sharfa and I were exchanging some of our favorite code snippets and he showed me one for enumerating Exchange Servers in Active Directory. I dug the code but wanted to try to see if I could use my

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VBScript: Windows XP/IIS 5.1 DOES Support Denying Access by IP Addresses

In helping a visitor to troubleshoot running my IIS FTP ban script, I realized that while XP makes it appear as though it doesn’t support banning users by IP address, it actually does provide that support; you just have to

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